The OutLive Film Festival tells stories of people overcoming trauma: Stories of Healing and Courage, Lived Outdoors.


In the face of overwhelming obstacles and trauma, some people make it through, and even get stronger, by drawing on the life-giving power of the outdoors and the people around them. Their example inspires us to see the world -- and our own lives -- in a new, more hopeful light.

The OutLive Film Festival celebrates these people. These are stories you'll remember. Stories that will stick with you long after you leave the theater. Stories you'll tell your friends.

The festival is open to all ages. That said, some films may delve deeply into deeply-personal and visceral challenges. Our goal is to tell authentic stories, in all their challenge and beauty.


OutLive (www.outlivecancer.org) was established by festival co-director Brad Thiessen, a three-time cancer survivor. Brad turned to trail running as a means of coping with the emotional and physical side-effects of cancer, and was encouraged by short films of other survivors who found purpose in outdoor pursuits. Further research brought to light the emerging evidence of the healing power of being active outdoors and connected with others.


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The festival has been moved from May 9 to Sept 25.

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The OutLive Film Festival is a project of OutLive, which helps cancer survivors build healthy and meaning-filled lives by getting active outdoors and connected to others.

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