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The first OutLive Film Festival was a hit!

A huge thank-you to the great crowd, to all the folks at Overbluff Cellars for hosting us in their unique venue, and to Craig Goodwin for the inspirational photo exhibit. And of course, an even bigger thanks to the filmmakers who created such inspirational, moving, funny and exciting films! A couple of folks said they cried during every film!

It was fun to find out a half hour before the start that the opening film, "Fraternal Summits" - the first film of the first OutLive film festival - was being shown for the first time. It went on to win the award for Best Documentary-Mid Length. Best Documentary-short was awarded to "I am Here" and the audience award went to "Empire and Eliza." Congrats!

Watch for the festival to return next year in the same format, hopefully at the Washington Cracker Co. building again. We're also planning to add an online version.

A couple of teachers came up afterward to talk about the possibility of bringing some or all of the festival to their classes. We've also been asked if the festival will be brought to other cities. If you're interested in either of these possibilities, contact us via the contact form.

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